NeDRex is an interactive network medicine platform for disease module identification and drug repurposing. It is build of three main components: a knowledgebase (NeDRexDB), a Cytoscape app (NeDRexApp), and an API (NeDRexAPI).

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This short video explains the NeDRex approach:

NeDRexApp tutorial

This tutorial should help to get to know the various functions of the Cytoscape app NeDRexApp.

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NeDRexAPI tutorial

The NeDRexAPI is provided so that users can computationally query the integrated NeDRex database and run a selection of analyses in the NeDRex backend. This tutorial expects that you have some experience of using APIs in the past, and aims to help you become familiar with the main routes in the NeDRexAPI and how to read the API documentation at

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Tutorial: Use Cases