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This paper explains why our current disease definitions and their heterogenous use in different disciplines prevent the flow of information from genetics to the clinic and basic science and back. It is a motivation to harmonise disease definitions and eventually overcome them by mechanism-based ones.

This paper describes how construct and apply disease mechanisms as protein-protein interaction or signalling modules in an unbiased manner. 

This review describes how protein-protein interaction or signalling modules can be exploited for diagnosis and mechanism-based therapy by network pharmacology.

This editorial explains the application of in-silico trial and network medicine methods to mechanistically redefine diseases currently labeled as cardio-metabolic. 

There was an unmet need for adaptable tools allowing biomedical researchers to employ network-based drug repurposing approaches for their individual use cases. This paper and tool closed this gap with NeDRex, an integrative and interactive platform for network-based drug repurposing and disease module discovery. NeDRex integrates ten different data sources covering genes, drugs, drug targets, disease annotations, and their relationships. NeDRex allows for constructing heterogeneous biological networks, mining them for disease modules, prioritizing drugs targeting disease mechanisms, and statistical validation. The utility of NeDRex is demonstrated in five use-cases.

This book redefines oxidative stress as a physiological signalling mechanism, that can be dysregulated, explained by network pharmacology.

This review discusses Molecular Networks (types of data, analytical methods, ways to validate them). Categorizing diseases by organs or symptoms is the past – deciphering disease mechanisms is the future!

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