Watch the main project video (available in EN and DE) to gain an overview of REPO-TRIAL’s goals. Click here to watch the entire REPO-TRIAL Playlist on YouTube.

Project Video (EN) – REPO-TRIAL: Setting standards for in silico drug repurposing

REPO-TRIAL’s scientific coordinator, clinician, and pharmacologist Prof. Dr. Harald Schmidt, the bioinformatics expert and co-coordinator Prof. Dr. Jan Baumbach, the regulatory expert Dr. Hermann Mucke, and Priv.-Doz. Dr. Benedikt Frank, the neurologist overseeing the stroke study, explain the details of the project during an interview session prior to the 2nd GA Meeting in Vienna, Austria, on March 4th, 2019.

Projektvideo (DE)REPO-TRIAL: Computer-unterstützte Neuanwendung zugelassener Medikamente für personalisierte Therapien

Sind sie ein deutschsprachiger Studienteilnehmer, Angehöriger, oder ein Patient, der gerne auf Deutsch mehr über das REPO-TRIAL Projekt und z.B. die Schlaganfall-Studie erfahren möchte? Dann sind Sie hier richtig. In unserem Projekt-Video beantworten der wissenschaftliche Koordinator Prof. Dr. Harald Schmidt, Co-Koordinator und Bioinformatiker Prof. Dr. Jan Baumbach, der regulatorische Experte Dr. Hermann Mucke, und Priv.-Doz. Dr. Benedikt Frank, der als Neurologe die klinische Schlaganfall-Studie leitet, die wichtigsten Fragen.

Conclusions from the Final GA Meeting in Madrid, 22-24 March 2023

Browse through video-taped conclusions by REPO-TRIAL’s work package leaders, clinical experts, and researchers from the Final General Assembly (GA) Meeting that took place in Madrid, Spain, from 22-24 March 2023.

Dr. Hermann Mucke on the project’s patent applications and extraordinary team effort

Dr. med. Benedikt Frank on the regulatory complexity to get EU clinical trials approved

Prof. Dr. med. Daniel Sedding on the regulatory hurdles for clinicial trials in Germany

Patent Possibilities in Drug Repurposing (lecture by Kolja Adamczyk)

Learn more about patenting options in the field of systems medicine and drug repurposing by watching this lecture by the European and Dutch patent attorney Kolja Adamczyk (NLO – European Patent and Trademark Attorneys) who remotely joined the “RePo4EU National Dissemination Event for Germany” that took place in Munich, Germany, on 3rd May 2023. The online presentation was recorded and later published for training and education within the REPO-TRIAL project.


Check out our videos explaining the NeDRex approach and the “Use Case” Tutorials. NeDRex is an interactive network medicine platform for disease module identification and drug repurposing. Go to to find out more!

Introduction video to NeDRex

Tutorial: NeDRex use case “Inflammatory Bowl Disease”

Tutorial: NeDRex use case “Pulmonary Embolism”

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