Press Release from Final GA Meeting

Read our final press release that summarises REPO-TRIAL’s main goals, the clinical studies, and major achievements of the 5.5-year-long project. A big thank you to the whole team of researchers, principal investigators, students, postdocs, clinicians, managers, and meeting organisers who made it all happen!

“REPO-TRIAL prepares the ground to disrupt treatment of ischemic stroke and heart failure with preserved ejection fraction,” stated REPO-TRIAL project coordinator Professor Harald Schmidt, chair of the Department of Pharmacology and Personalised Medicine at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. “We have employed advanced bioinformatics and systems medicine to identify suitable triple combinations of repurposed drugs and advance them into Phase IIa clinical trials for these deadly conditions, with minimal requirements for animal experiments. While both studies are still enrolling patients, and no interim results can be disclosed yet, we are confident that they will break new ground in pathway-based medicine.” Read the entire press release.

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