Enenkelstraße 28/32
1160 Vienna

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Team Leader

Dr. Hermann Mucke

CEO H. M. Pharma Consultancy

Leader Work Package 4

Phone: +43 664 101 012 1
Fax: +43 664 771 010 121

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M. Pharma Consultancy (established in 2000) is a globally acting science-driven provider of consulting services to the pharmaceutical industry with headquarters in Vienna (Austria). HMPC assists pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies of all sizes in drug development, re-development, and life cycle management; performs market analysis and strategic assessments of patent portfolios; drafts patent applications; and provides regulatory assistance and market development services to companies wishing to enter European markets.

Drug repurposing, design of early-stage drug development programs, and knowledge management for the life sciences are major strengths. The overarching operating principle is to apply a holistic project perspective and an anticipatory strategy that integrates all required parallel developments from pharmacology to ultimate market access.